Why honesty is the best policy?

We always ask…. What are the benefits of being honest?Following are the ones which you can easily spell out.

Strength: To be honest you need to be strong…..ready to face the consequences, be patient to get results and develop your skills by working hard.You have no shortcuts.You may take a long time to reach the goal.Honest person may have to keep cool as others may be well ahead of him in wealth or position by cheating.

More sustainable: Due to inherent strengths and trustworthiness,the honest ones can retain their success for long.The ones who have achieved positions by hook or crook are bound to be threatened by situations and similar people.

Less stress :A person who is a liar needs to remember the falsehood to maintain the faith.He or she needs to manipulate the situation to be in the forefront leading to stress.

Association for development: Even a crooked needs an honest person as a subordinate.Hence people would like to professionally associate with honest and and the honest gets the benefit.

Credibility: All the businesses thrive on credibility. If your dealing with your customers is honest ,you tend to retain them and you grow.

These are some advantages.If you want to win a war ,be honest …..do not bother about losing some battles on the way.Good Luck and have the courage to be honest.