Decision making -POWER model

Quality of our life is decided by the choices we make at every stage of life.Hence decision making is significant to our day to day life. It is all about making right choice at the right time.Informed decision making shall reduce many troubles and help us in leading a happy life.

P-PROBLEM : Life poses different problems to us for taking decision. First step in the decision making process is understanding the problem.Problem may be as simple as taking a decision about what to eat in a restaurant.

O-OPTIONS : All the problems come with options.Identifying options is the most important aspect of decision making. At times we may not find options. One can get guidance from experienced people to find out options. In the restaurant ,menu offers the options.Or the waiter may list out the options for selecting food.

W-WEIGH and E-ELECT : One has to weigh the options to find out pros and cons. Selecting a non veg item may not be suitable to all or cost of a food item may be not according to your budget. It is also be kept in mind that all the options have both positive as well as negative qualities.

R-REFLECT : After taking a decision one has to reflect.This process help us in getting new insights and improve our future decision making.

Enjoy P-O-W-E-R ful decision making!

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