Quality life by PDSA

PDSA is a cycle meant for ensuring quality in Management. It is based on the Scientific method which focuses on hypothesis, experiment and evaluation. PDSA stands for Plan-Do-Study-Act. Let us see how we can apply PDSA in our day to day life.

Plan:  Planning is essential for any quality output. We should understand the situation, the resources available and the challenges before we plan for action. 

Do: Once we have identified best plan from available options,we need to perform. Most of the times we have so many plans but don’t do what is required . A person who does will be successful. Even if it is a failure one learns a lot for successful  future action. 

Study : Earlier this was called as Check.But it is more than simple, it is a detailed study. We need to collect feedback and  anlayse the outcomes vis a vis our objectives. After proper analysis we have to identify future course of action. 

Act: This can also  be called  as adjustment ….adjustment of  our plan. We may modify or change the entire plan for future course of action. 


PDCA or PDSA is a strategy to move towards excellence. It can be part of our day to day for leading a quality life. But most of the times  conscious efforts are required to change our attitude and act in a scientific manner to all the challenges in our life. 


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