Remembering-the power of association

We all forget things which we want to remember and remember everything which we want to forget.

Read the following items once and try to recall them without reading it again.

1. pressure cooker
2. potato
3. pencil
4. bag
5. flower
6. road
7. elephant
8. sky
9. green

Can you recall all these items now?

Forgetting may be a difficult task but remembering is much more easy, if we use the technique of association.

Now let us try to associate each object in the above list with another and see.
“I kept potato and pencil in a pressure cooker before keeping it in a bag.Then I saw a green elephant with a book landing on a road of flowers from the sky.”

Now you can recall all the items. Here we have associated each item with the another using creative visualisation.

We find it very difficult to recall , if we cannot connect one concept with another or the unknown with the known.
Learning is all about association.Teaching is helping the learner to associate the concepts with the previous knowledge or the immediate environment.

Be Creative to Connect and to Capture!

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