Response Time Matters

Now a days we are living  a life where we have  literally no time.. to live…. We react to situations as quickly as possible and prefer fast thinking. There is no time for us to reflect on the situation. The emphasis on fast thinking results into stress. One has to understand the  cause of such a situation. The continuous  focus on most important & urgent things is the outcome of lack of planning. We have to focus on the issues which are not urgent and important. This can be done only when we finish the  most urgent and important tasks first. Then we have time to plan and act on things which are important but not urgent. Then we will get time to respond .

Anger is an instant reaction which arises out of the feeling that we are not in control. One never realizes that we cannot control everything and every person. Delaying our emotional response will help. Delay in response is much more important than a quick response. A  life threatening situation may need an instant response. That will also be effective only if we give sufficient time for thinking. Majority of our immature responses and unfortunate situations can be avoided if we start responding slowly. Let us imbibe this skill. Let us take every challenging  situation as  an opportunity to enhance this skill. Before reacting, let us accept the situation, pause and act by making fullest use of our abilities. Wait and Act ……..We need not reACT.