Empathy is the highest virtue

Empathy is all about understanding  a situation from someone else’s perspective.It is different from sympathy.When we sympathies we keep ourselves at a higher pedestal and feel sorry for the other person for the misfortune. We may not like to appreciate the positive aspect of the situation and support him or her acknowledging the abilities, when we sympathies. Sympathy is all about showing pity or feeling sorry for the misfortune of some one else. An Empathetic person  understands the misfortune in the context and has a positive outlook towards the situation. He/She offers a solution to a difficult situation of some one else,  in a dignified manner. 

The life skills such as inter personal relationship and communication skills  will be effective only with empathy. Active listening is a reflection of  one’s consideration for the feelings of others. A person with positive self image can only empathize and hence self awareness is the starting point of empathetic behavior. A company innovates and  gives the best performance  by empathizing with the consumer.  A teacher instantly connects with students, when there is empathy towards children. Managing our emotions will be easier, if we can empathize with the other person who has done some damage to us. This virtue helps us to lead a peaceful life as it promote forgiveness and wholeheartedness.  

Life offers us opportunity to know others. It is upto us to take some time to reflect on our emotions towards others and lead a path of peace and harmony by embracing empathy.