Thazhe Meditation ….finding true self.

Here we are introducing a new kind of meditation which will help you get a glimpse of what you are in reality.

Time and duration : Any time for any duration

Material required : Nothing

Health and mind conditions :Any state you are in right now

Purpose : To find yourself

Process : Close your eyes. Start mentally focusing on any part of your body and try to lcate YOU within your body.

Ask the question WHERE AM I? AM I HERE?and focus on your body.Feel the sensation in that part of the body and ask once again.Move slowly to the next part of the body and do it again.Slowly complete the mental scanning and finally reach eyes.Now ask the following questions………Am I here inside my eyes or just above or below or somewhere else?

Now open your eyes and ask the following question ….Am I inside or outside the body? or on the boundary between in and out?Can i locate myself on the boundary?Now ask ….am I a father or mother or sister or brother or graduate or honest or cruel or …….or all these are mind made tags. Finally contemplate on the following :

Understanding the true self now, can i be disturbed by any event or person at any moment?



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