Three styles of Communication

We communicate with each other throughout our life in three different styles.Let us take a situation for understanding these types of communication.

Someone occupies your reserved seat in a train and you want him/her to vacate it. Following are the ways in which you can communicate in this situation.

1.Passive Communication:

You will request that person to vacate the seat and if not agreed will try to adjust with a broken heart. Here communication is passive. This style of communication shows lack of confidence in one’s ability and we are unhappy about our communication.

2.Aggressive communication :

Here you will be losing your temper and may use harsh words to see that your seat is vacated. Such kind of communication disturbs you and you may lose the ability to take right decisions.

3. Assertive Communication :

Here you may either empathise with the traveller and leave your seat or may call the railway official to get your seat vacated without using any offensive language. Assertion comes from the complete self acceptance and positive self image.

We may reflect on our style of communication and improve it, if required.

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