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Using Gmeet for presentation :

Use microsoft camera make it 3/4 sized window. Shift to left most side so that entire vertical portion is covered and also ensure that speaker is fully visible. No side frames should be visible. Keep desktop background black to match the boarders of the camera. Then open jamboard and ppt in window mode to cover rest of desktop. Let google meet also be open

To join the video meeting, click this link:

  • When you start the presentation, adjust the camera, chabox and the Gmeet to fit into single frame.
  • While using jamboard , you need to see the chat box.
  • See that your camera, ppt and browser are next to each other on task bar
  • When you present, you should be able to show yourself and ppt and also be able to see the chat window. Show as given below:
  • Keep camera of google meet off.
Showing Picture in Picture

Install App station webcamera. The beauty is this camera opens in a browser in your website:

Now you can add a picture in picture extension which will help in showing you an browser based camera or video picture in picture with a presentation:

Above is the best option for you to present your ppt, jamboard with yourself and you can see the chat. Add........ for some time to show the latest chat at the bottom. Adjust your camera to the top right corner just above the chat box , see that all controls are visible.

Open Gmeet, overlap ppt on Gmeet so that you can see the chat area.

      Alternative to this is use of a software named deskpin can be used to pin any tab as per your wish. This will always be top on any tab. A great offline tool to show video floating.
Google Meet Shortcut keys:

Google applications short cut keys:

  • Turn on or off camera
 ⌘/Ctrl + e
  • Mute or unmute your microphone
 ⌘/Ctrl + d
  • Announce who is currently speaking
  • Shift + ⌘/Ctrl + Alt + a then s
  • Announce current information about the room
  • Shift + ⌘/Ctrl + Alt + a then i
  • Show or hide people : Ctrl+Alt+P
  • Show or hide chat : Ctrl+Alt+C

Effective Use of Jamboard with Gmeet

Convert your power point into images.

  • Open LibreOffice impress
  • Add Libere office extension to convert ppt to images
  • Ensure that you add page numbers and boarders to idenify the boundaries and the slide number
  • The images created will be in serial order
  • Insert images in jamboard. Shift that to left topmost corner and click on the right bottom and fit to the entire frame.

Make Presentation using Jamboard

  • Next image should be in next frame
  • You can also easily locate the slides by clicking arrow on the bottom
  • You can also re arrange the frames as per your wish.
  • Maximum possible frames for slides will be 20. You may make one more jamboard to extend your presentation.
  • Participants can write any question using sticky notes during the presentation. Presenter can hold the left bottom corner and move towards write top to minimze and view all comments when required. Otherwise click on the full screen image, only image will be visible.
  • Duplicate all jamboards. And those jamboard should not be shared. Present with the jamboard and edit option. Let the participant interact directly on the jamboard. In case of vanishing your slide you can refer to the one which is not shared.
  • As there is limitations of frames in jamboard. Use multiple jamboards, to see that in browser name like 01DL , 02 DL, ….. To know back up use 01Bup_DL01, 01Bup_DL02 . You will be able to quickly browse these videos using google meet.
  • Add all videos in folder with short name of the video in the google drive. Open in the tab in advance , this will help in identification of the video by browser tab. Arrange as per the sequence of the video in the presntation. It is better that videos are directly opened on the task bar and shown to the participants to avoid wasting the data. The best option is to use multiple video players for different videos and open and show the same on task bar to quickly moves we have followigng fee video players. WINDOWS, VLC
  • Gif animation can be inserted and shown to the participants. If videos can be converted to short animation same can be uploaded on the jamboard.


Steps for Using jamboard with Google meet

  • Prepare ppt and convert the slides to images and make jamboard slides. Number jams properly . Also share only to people with valid email ids. Only allow people with approved email ids to join.
  • Open google meet and through grid view show all participants.
  • Open jamboard through screen sharing.
  • First jamboard may be shared initially through chat. Allow each one to login and mark yes in sticky note with name to check how many are able to login. If any one is unable they can use chat or share the email id to allow all the jambs by the presenter in the beginning itself.

  • Ask them to play only with the first frame.
  • Ask the participants to open the browser with jamboard and just listen and use jamboard or voice for expression. Ask them to mute once they stop talking.
  • Train the participants in the use of jamboard before starting the session.
  • Instruct them not to delete any original jam.
  • Whenever any activity is to be taken use sticky notes, no writing tool. Reduce the presentation image and make space for activity.
  • All one to one questions should be taken on the presentation slide using sticky notes.
  • The presenter should answer the queries and also can use other tools to explain.
  • Participants may switch between google meet and jamboards in the browser as per requirement. It is better that participants be asked to go to jam board and come back to the presentation. Presenter should only share the live jamboard or videos, nothing else.

Using your mobile as a camera:

Here's how to set up your Android smartphone as a webcam. IP Webcam does not work with Skype, so you'll need to install DroidCam and its PC client for this to work:

1. Install DroidCam Wireless Webcam on your phone.

2. Download and install the DroidCam client on your computer. Both the phone and the computer should be on the same Wi-Fi network.

3. Open the Android app and note down the Wifi IP listed on the main screen.

4. Open the Windows client and paste the IP on the computer.

5. If you have a slow Internet connection, pick Low from the Video Quality drop-down menu.

6. Click Start.

7. Now you'll see video from the phone on the DroidCam Windows app. This works even if your phone is locked, but the video stutters. For optimal performance, we recommend that you keep the Android app open and turn off auto-lock on the phone.

8. Restart Skype (if it is open) and select DroidCam Source 1 as the webcam (explained after the iPhone section).

9. Now you can use your Android phone as the webcam.

Some useful features in chrome browser:

Customized browser with all apps:

You can add all required apps and website on chrome://apps/ by simple technique. Open website or app click on three dots and then click on more tools and then creat a desktop shortcut. Automaticall the app short cut will also be added to the app webpage of chreme as below:

Use of Chrome Extensions:

You can see all the extensions at : chrome://extensions/ If you have chrome extensions on your google chrome browser, you can easily use different apps during an online session. Moreover you can get all google apps at one place by an extension.

Directly join a Google meet:

Google app shortcuts:

To create desktop shortcuts to google apps, use the link : chrome://apps/ Search app and add shortcuts by a right click.

Page Marker:

When you want to explain, by sharing your desktop, you may be willing to write on the screen. You can use the pager marker extension to google chrome: 

Great think about this tool is that you can even draw on desktop…… Google Gridview: To see all the participants in a grid during a Gmeet you can use gridview extension:

Emoji Keyboard:

Use emojis for your chats using this extension. You can share some emojies 

Like raising hand for questioning . Yes= thumsup and No= thmus down etc Emoji Keyboard - Emojis For Chrome Alternatively it is better to use WIN+(.) to get emojis and symbols If you want to draw simple shapes on your desktop use this webpaint exension

Web Paint

This is a great tool as you can directly write on a webpage including jamboard. But will not change the jamboard………..See below: You can even draw on a power point presentation : see This is a great tool. You can start icebreaking with this tool as under:

Magnifying glass:

At times you have to highlight some thing during the presentation. Use this extension. It is great….

Controlling your google slide at distance

If you want to control the presentation from a distance with the help of your mobile you can use this . But you have to install a QR code scanner in your mobile.

Multiple controls on Gmeet

If you want to use emojis, timer,a white board in google meet just use this wonderful extension use googlemeet plus Please see that you have switched on the presentation tab. You can also mute everyone and unmute everyone. This is the best feature.

Amazing curosor

When you want to have great effect on your cursor use the following: Amazing Custom Cursor

Webcam Recorder

Best camera extension if you want reduce the frame to smallest and show that together with any of your presentation. It is so simple and very useful You can fix exactly blocking your content with yourself and can show the content one after another. It will be very effective.

Alarm setting by following :

MS Office Extension:

You can add MS office to the chrome to directly use:

Customize your tab with tools You have to use different google chrome tabs and windows to quicly swich over. If there are multiple windows, locating the content will be easier when: Note whenever you notice someone else is presenting , once again take over the presentation.

Using Google forms:

   For Assessment one can easily use a Google form . Use google Quiz template for formative assessment, add feedback for each answer. Let there be open ended questions. 

Google Slide tips:

Google slide can be seen directly in the presntation mode if you change the sharable link like below:

Use googel slide and Ctrl+f5 will give you full screen presentation. If you want to see the taskbar click on

Recording and editing screen recording :

 The best open source software for recording your screen, addition your camera and other effects is OBS

You can just add video with fullscren presentation and also some text box in all the slides. It is one of the best software available.

Zoomit- Writing on desktop:

Zoomit is a wonderful software which gives you control over your desktop writing. You can use it offline or online .

Drawing and typing: Ctrl1 to Zoom Ctrl2 to draw Ctrl+3 to set one minute timer Esc to escape Press E or Ctrl Z to erase work Change Pen by Left Control and Mouse wheel r=red, g-green b-blue o-orange y-yellow p-pink coloured drawing or letters Straight line holding down Shift keyand left mouse click together Rectangle by holding Control key and left mouse click together Elipse with tab key and left mouse click together Arrow with Shift+Control and left click of the mouse. Clear screen or white or black board by typing W (white) or K ( black)